About Us


Why blood?

Bobby, one of our co-founders, donated blood for the first time in November 2017. After, he asked one of his best friends to donate with him next time. His friend's response shocked him — as a gay man he couldn't donate. This led Bobby to investigate Canadian Blood Services to learn more. Through that journey, he realized that there were so many untold stories connected to this and he couldn't pursue it alone.

RED uncovers how blood connects people and how people live with blood differently than the rest of us. We explore how controversial the human body can be and at how religious groups throughout history have interpreted and used blood.

Meet the team

Bobby Headshot

Bobby Hristova

Co-founder and Writer

A Negative

Journalist with a passion for investigative reporting.



Ellen Samek

Co-founder and Writer

B Positive

Digital writer and content creator based in Toronto. Dog lover and movie-goer.



Claire Floody

Co-founder and Writer

AB Negative

Journalist based in Toronto who loves uncovering stories and interesting characters.




David Lynch

Co-founder and Writer

O Negative

Reporter who loves sports and looking at the science behind blood.



Sydney Loney - Editor

Jordan Mak - Illustrator

Beenish Shahab - Illustrator

Special thanks to Tim Doyle and Lindy Oughtred